Ms. Stewart appears on stage with one of the East Coast’s premier pianist/accompanists and she may also be booked with additional instrumentalists. Her shows always draw standing ovations wherever she travels throughout the country.

The Sixties: On Broadway
During the 1960s, seventy million baby boomers became teenagers. They had been born into an era of unprecedented prosperity and infused with the idealism of a limitless future. They believed they could change history and were filled with a sense of freedom. It was also a time when American musical theater flourished both on stage and in film. You will be taken on a memorable musical journey on Broadway during the sixties with a nostalgic look at the events and cultural trends of the decade. (Click here for song list)

Richard Rodgers Revisited
Richard Rodgers is one of America’s most successful Broadway composers. In a career of over sixty years, Mr. Rodgers wrote the music for over 40 Broadway shows and films. Most everyone knows the teams of Rodgers and Hammerstein and Rodgers and Hart, but Richard Rodgers wrote with a number of terrific lyricists. Each of their voices is heard in this unique salute to Richard Rodgers and all his lyricists. (Click here for song list)

That’s the Spirit
This is a show specifically created to lift your audiences’ spirits. Included are beloved pieces from well-known Broadway musicals as well as a variety of selections from the “pop music” repertoire to fashion an uplifting, indeed thrilling mix of traditional and new songs that will transport and inspire audiences.

Magical Musical Moments
Presenters may pre-select their program from Jenny’s potpourri of Broadway, Pop and Opera classics. Ms. Stewart’s shows are always classy, elegant, fun-filled and hold great appeal for audiences of all demographics. Here’s a chance to custom tailor Ms. Stewart’s concert for your own audience. (Click here for song list)



John Davidson, Broadway and Television Star: “Glorious voice! Jenny Lynn Stewart has an incredible instrument and the soul to go with it! This is one diva who can bring them to their feet!”

Georgia Engel, Broadway and Television Star: “Jenny Lynn Stewart not only has impeccable vocal technique, she is an artist of the highest degree. She becomes one with what she is singing, living in the present moment and carrying the listener into the story of the song.”

Raymond Jessel, Broadway composer and lyricist: “Jenny Lynn Stewart takes you back to a time when singers actually sang. She's a Jeanette MacDonald for the 21st century.”

Lucy Lincoln, Wickenburg, AZ: “She makes my heart happy. The only part of the program that troubled me was that the publicity preceding the concert was so filled with, so hung up on her musical background that it spent little time (or space) conveying the essence of the charming and endearing woman. It is this essence that surely makes her a superbly welcome artist wherever she performs.”

Rob Kirchner, Rutherford, NJ: “Your show is fantastic. I enjoyed it immensely. Wonderful! Splendid! Brilliant!”

Carol Arnett, President, Friends of Music, Wickenburg, AZ: “… splendid vocalist … delightful person to work with … a winner!”

Anne Hofmann, concert organizer, The New York Public Library: “… superb … exceptional.”

Boston Globe: “… emphatic standing ovation.”

Karen Rans, Green Valley AZ: “... powerful voice … sang with perfection.”

The Greenville News: “… mellifluous, riveting.”

Tulsa World: “… thrilling high notes … sends chills down the spine.”