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Reviews from The Sound of Music -- Reagle Players (August 11-20, 2005)

BOSTON GLOBE: As the Mother Abbess, Jenny Lynn Stewart turns in a very successful "Climb Ev'ry Mountain." Outside "Sister Act," where else could a nun get such an emphatic standing ovation? Stewart is also strong, and sometimes even more animated, in the nuns' choral numbers.
- Gina Perille, August 17, 2005

THEATER MIRROR: The Mother Abbess is played by Jenny Lynn Stewart who in real life is a very pretty blond. She has an excellent soprano voice which soars off the scale in the emotionally moving and tearjerking "Climb Every Mountain" in both acts. Jenny also leads the nuns chorus in "Dixit Dominus", "Rex Admirabilis", "Gaudeamus" and "Confitemini Domino" and does a rowdy version of "My Favorite Things" with Sarah. She portrays this kindly older nun guiding the younger one to choose the right path for her life and the removal of Maria's veil is symbolic of leaving her old life behind to enter the life she is meant to lead.
- Tony Annicone, August 12, 2005

THEATER MIRROR: Jenny Lynn Stewart delivers a "Climb Every Mountain" with all the reverence and conviction of a diva performing an oratorio. Something about this production, above others I've seen, elevates it to a higher plane: You leave feeling you've had a spiritual, as well as a crack theatrical experience. It's no accident Lindsay and Crouse have the Abbess quote Isaiah at the thrilling conclusion of the story. When we see the family set off into the hills, we know they will be "led forth with peace"äand I thought I actually heard those trees that surround the theater "clap their hands."
- Beverly Creasey, August 17, 2005

AISLE SAY: As the Mother Abbess, Jenny Lynn Stewart reprises a role she's toured internationally and heads up a powerful chorus of nuns. Stewart's ably backed up by trained and experienced singers Marian Rambelle, Rachelle Riehl, and Margie Quinlan as Srs. Berthe, Margaretta, and Sophia. They lead an ensemble totalling eighteen in Rodgers Latin Preludium_ and the wedding _Processional_, with Stewart's powerful tones first and foremost. She probably got the biggest ovation opening night for "Climb Every Mountain"-- with the kids' numbers close behind.
- Will Stackman, August 17, 2005

THEATER MIRROR ≠ Quick Take: It's the music however that makes "The Sound of Music." Jenny Lynn Stewart, a professional singer with a strong operatic background, has toured internationally in the role of the Mother Abbess. Her strong presence lifts the scenes in the Abbey. She's ably backed up by Marian Rambelle, Rachelle Riehl, and Margie Quinlan as Srs. Berthe, Margaretta, and Sophia, all trained and experienced singers, who lead an ensemble totalling eighteen in Rodgers Latin "Preludium" and the wedding "Processional".
- Will Stackman, August 13, 2005

Review from Richard Rodgers Revisited

"Also off and running is seasoned singer and newcomer to cabaret stages Jenny Lynn Stewart. This glorious lyric soprano, who toured with Marie Osmond through Europe playing the Mother Superior in "The Sound of Music," is bound to attract attention. The majesty of her voice and her flawless phrasing invite comparisons to many great classic-style singers. I believe she sounds most like a combination of a very young Barbara Cook and the late opera great Eileen Farrell. Her luminous sound fills the room with vocal magic. With brilliant musical director William Lewis and directed by Peter Link, her recent show at Don't Tell Mama, "Richard Rodgers Revisited," turned into an auspicious cabaret debut. Highlights included one of the most perfect versions of "If I Loved You" I've ever heard. "I Do Not Know a Day I Did Not Love You" from "Two by Two" (written with Martin Charnin) and "Away From You" from "Rex" (written with Sheldon Harnick) were also moments that lingered."
- John Hoglund, August 20-26, 2004, Back Stage (Bistro Bits).

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Reviews from The Sound of Music

"Jenny Lynn Stewart is the kindly Mother Abbess who sings the most mellifluous, riveting rendition imaginable of 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain.'"
- Janie Caves McCauley, The Greenville News.

"Another shining star of the night was Jenny Lynn Stewart who played the Mother Abbess. A singer by profession, she impressed the audience with her operatic abilities and solid performance. In Climb Every Mountain, her power-house lungs carried the operatic song to its emotional climax. Unsurprisingly, she got loud applause from the Thai audience at the end of the song and the finale."
- Alongkorn Parivudthiphongs, Bangkok Post.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart, as wise Mother Abbess, sends chills down the spine with her rousing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain." And her acappella numbers with the other nuns are well-honed harmonies."
- Jan Biles, Lawrence Journal World.

"But the dynamic vocal performance in this NETworks touring production was performed by Jenny Lynn Stewart as the Mother Abbess with her soaring rendition of "Climb Ev'ry Mountain."
- Kathleen Kirby, Macomb Daily.

"The operatic vocal performance of the Mother Abbess, performed by Jenny Lynn Stewart, was outstanding."
- Miriam Smith, Springfield(O) News-Sun.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart earned a roaring ovation as the Mother Abbess, no doubt for her powerful rendition of "Climb Every Mountain."
- William Kerns, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

"Stewart has a lush alto voice that made "Climb Every Mountain," which can easily go over the top, genuinely moving."
- Mark Arnest, Gazette Telegraph.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart as the Mother Abbess really only has one major requirement to find success in this role and that's to sing "Climb Every Mountain" like an angel of God. Thankfully, she did."
- Karen Brown, Rapid City Journal.

"As the Mother Abbess, Jenny Lynn Stewart performed "Climb Ev'ry Mountain," the closest thing to a hymn the American musical stage has produced, with a kind of ecstatic fervor, hitting the song's final thrilling high notes with a power that sent chills down the spine."
- James D. Watts, Jr. Tulsa World.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart as Mother Abbess pulled out all the stops as her fantastic voice filled every crevice of the auditorium in her majestic solo, "Climb Every Mountain."
- Dottie Ashley, The Post and Courier.

Reviews from Carousel

"A good time to mention Jenny Lynn Stewart as Nettie Fowler. Her voice equals a commanding presence as a reassuring earth mother figure. A finely turned and experienced voice, Fowler has, no surprise, a show stopping moment with "You'll Never Walk Alone."
- Susan Serbin, Delaware County Daily Times.

"The towering Jenny Lynn Stewart as the matriarch Aunt Nettie, was a joy, as she handled the exultant "June Is Bustin' Out All Over" and the inspirational "You'll Never Walk Alone" with sureness and aplomb."
- Caryl E. Huffaker, Brandywine Valley Weekly.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart turns in a wonderful performance as the kindhearted Nettie."
- Leo Irwin, Daily Local News.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart as Julie's stalwart protector Nettie sings "You'll Never Walk Alone with power and grace."
- Mark Cofta, News of Delaware County.

"Ms. Jenny Lynn Stewart playing the role of Nettie Fowler sang the moving "You'll Never Walk Alone" with such finesse and in a superb style that simply mesmerized an appreciative audience."
- Frank Rapp and Elizabeth Margerum, Press Focus.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart as Nettie Fowler was captivating as she sang the poignant "You'll Never Walk Alone" to Julie upon the discovery of Billy's death."
- Susan Greenspon, Main Line Times.

"Jenny Lynn Stewart, who has a heck of a voice and plays the mill-girls' "mother," Nettie Fowler, with panache."
- Colleen Mogil, Arcade.